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Connecting people and effective social-impact projects, to facilitate effective action and consolidate effective altruism efforts

Looking to collaborate on a project with effective social impact?
Impact CoLabs is the platform for you, built to consolidate efforts around effective altruism related projects.

Impact CoLabs is the platform for project owners to publish about their social impact projects and find collaborators, and for volunteers to find impactful projects to help.

Looking to Volunteer? you can browse existing projects and contact their owners, or sign up as a volunteer to get contacted from projects or from our curated matching.

Got an impact project? Submit your project by signing up to find volunteers and collaborators on your project.

*This website is a Beta version. We are working on a 2.0 version that would be a major update within the next months.

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By filling out this form, we will post your project on the CoLabs board for volunteers to explore and, if you accept, match interested volunteers to take be introduced to your project for an intro call. If you aren't currently looking for volunteers but wish to get the word out about your project feel free to add it here as well, just make sure to flag "not currently looking for volunteers" under the "help" field. We all thank you so much for your interest in collaborating within the EA community.

Want to volunteer on high-impact projects?

Do you have an interest in helping effective altruism related projects? Do you have time to invest in collaborating on a project consistently, and want to contribute your skills? Then you're in the right place!

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How Does It Work?


Project owners submit projects, we review and post on the project board.


Volunteers sign up, browse projects and can connect with project owners


Project owners can also find volunteers and contact them


We offer optional curated matching between projects and volunteers for intro calls

More Info


Anyone who wants to help, and can commit sufficient time to help a project, or partner as a collaborator on an early stage project, and ideally have relevant skills - then this is for you. Most projects has technological, research, or operational needs.


All high-impact projects are welcome. We base our principles on the Effective Altruism principles to review projects. Most projects would be international, most likely in relatively earlier stages, and often involving technology, but all high impact projects are welcome to submit.